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“Italians have only two things on their mind, the other is spaghetti”
Catherine Deneuve

Spaghetti on the road is the Italian formula of street food born with the intention of offering abroad a tasting experience of the typical Italian dish, pasta, through Ape Piaggio food trucks positioned in the markets and streets of the big European cities, combining the “street” gastronomic tradition with the Italian cuisine and always ensuring high quality standards in places where the format will be installed.

The balance between the quality of the proposal, the guarantee of safety and price can strongly attract a sensitive public, as well as the “taste”, also to the values of ethics, eco-sustainability and experimentation. “Quality food, served on wheels “, to meet the needs of those who, in addition to the speed of feeding, research taste, quality of food and genuineness of raw materials.

In particular, the concept ‘Spaghetti on the road‘ will contribute to re-evaluate the culture of street food, combining extemporaneous consumption with the quality of raw materials, safety, control and transparency of supply chains.

The truck-Ape Piaggio will offer the best of Italian gastronomic tradition paying attention to organic food. Extreme attention will also be reserved to the respect for the environment, thanks to the use of biodegradable packaging materials, plates, cutlery, napkins and more.

In the truck it will be cooked the typical Italian dish: pasta. The proposals will be divided in two different types of pasta and, at least three varieties of condiments: there will always be spaghetti side by side with short pasta (penne, rigatoni, etc.); as for the condiments, however, the tomato sauce, condiment made in Italy, can not be missing. Two other condiments will be added to it, depending on the season and the chef’s imagination.

The ingredients used will be of first choice. Our priority is freshness and quality of raw materials.

The Ape Piaggio will be set up by the “STREETFOODBUSINESS” from Naples, a leading company in the sector; experts in communication and graphics have taken care of the aesthetics and graphics.

In addition to word of mouth, social media will promote the activity, for which a specific strategy will be developed: a fresh and captivating storytelling, able to capture the attention and to be noticed is really important. The concept is ancient, but the mechanisms today are social.

The urban area in which to allocate the food trucks will have to present a high pedestrian flow, the presence of tourists, students and workers on the move.

An example for the development of the concept is represented by London, because in possession of the characteristics highlighted above, as well as for the cosmopolitan vocation of the city, with the presence of a particularly large and composite audience.



mon-sat: 10.00 – 18.00
sun: closed

North End Road Market, London